Stella Bella Permanent Cosmetics
Natural beauty....permanently!

Introducing Permatint™ Lip  Volumizing Treatment

Beautiful Sheer colorwashed tint

No more lipstick Bleeds, constant reapplying or heavy, dated Permanent lipcolor-just full, young, sexy shapely lips.....Permanently.

"Stella Bella is just wonderful! I had the Permatint lip treatment done a few months ago and a touch up several weeks later. The procedure is virtually painless and takes just over an hour. The downtime is minimal with a bit of swelling and peeling of the lips that goes away after 2-3 days. Your lips will look fuller and have a beautiful color. Kristin is meticulous and truly wants you to look your best. Plus she's a sweetheart to boot! I would highly recommend this procedure!"
This  innovative lip treatment does more than just color your pucker.  It redefines uneven, faded lips and creates volume through natural collagen stimulation in the same manner our Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy works (see here: http://mystellabella.com/Collagen_Rejuvenation.php.)

Permatint™ promises to correct a multitude of problems we see with lips from asymmetry to loss of pigment and volume in the lips due to natural aging to lipcolor bleeding into liplines. 

Go natural with sheer baby lips (unretouched photo 4 days after)

Or choose to add a little more color for a Hollywood worthy pout!

Or go all out glam for a full color lip with no borders and no bleeding!

Redefine and reshape lips that have lost volume!!!

While natural beauty is a trend that never goes out of style, this technique is considered "semi permanent" lasting anywhere from 3-5 years after the initial touchup when lips will gently fade back to their original color.  The soft colorwashed look of Permatint™ can be freshened up over the years as needed to maintain its gorgeous look.

Permatint™ is different in that it is a sheer borderless hue with an airbrushed effect. Never heavy looking like traditional permanent lipcolor.  Dab on a little gloss and go  or use your  lipstick over your newly reshaped Permatint™  lips without worrying about it changing your favorite color. Best of all, you can simply  do nothing and have beautifully defined,  soft, colorwashed lips  similar to those with a tinted lipbalm without worrying about reapplying several times a day!

The process is straightforward and client comfort in ensured through the ongoing use of  anesthetic making the process virtually painless.  With Permatint™ clients experience less swelling than traditional Permanent Lipcolor and the healing process is significantly reduced so clients can usually resume normal activities within 24 hours with nothing more than a few days chapped lips to show for the procedure.

Pure mineral pigments are infused into the lip while correcting imperfections in shape, symmetry and uneven color.   A natural shade matching your own lipcolor (or the color it was when you were younger) is customized, or you can choose a bolder color if you like-because the color is sheer you can still achieve a natural look if you do want to go with a little more color. The lip is redefined while still maintaining a natural look adding conture and volume in the same way our Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy works (see here: http://mystellabella.com/Collagen_Rejuvenation.php). Then,the color is fanned  into the lip using a precision "airbrush" technique leaving no harsh lines.

With holidays right around the corner, there's nothing prettier than a  full , shapely lip washed with sheer color and while  traditional lipgloss can give lips a beautiful shine, it does nothing for creating a full, sexy and youthful lip.  Now you can have the lips you've always envied of Hollywood celebrities without the hassle of constantly reapplying!  The effects are subtle yet dramatic which, when you think about it, is the kind of results women have been looking for all along!



Stella Bella Permanent Cosmetics
Natural Beauty......Permanently.


Stella Bella Permanent Cosmetics
Natural Beauty......Permanently.