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Introducing Featherlite
Eyebrow Embroidery

Redefining Perfect Brows, one hairstroke at a time!

Few things can bring out your eyes and shape your face like a beautiful pair of eyebrows and  while not everyone is blessed with a full set of perfectly shaped arches, now you can be!

Gone are the days of heavily tattooed brows that have the appearance of being drawn on with a magic marker.  

Introducing Featherlite Eyebrow Embroidery!  

So what is it?  Eyebrow embroidery is an advanced technique of semi-permanent cosmetic micropigmentation used by master technicians in Europe, Austrailia and some parts of the U.S.  to create the most natural, perfect looking brows ever.  

Unlike traditional eyebrow tattooing which fills the entire brow with one solid color, and has more significant downtime from swelling and bleeding,  embroidery is practically painless and feels no more uncomfortable than everyday tweezing.  Eyebrow embroidery uses a special hand tool and recreates individual hairs using a feather-like stroke with  multi-tones creating soft dimension and a flawless shape. 

The whole procedure takes about an hour and downtime is practically non-existent with most clients returning to their normal daily activities immediately. This technique is great for anyone who has lost brows or who have sparse brows due to overplucking, age, medical reasons or  simply inherited thin brows. 

Now you can wake up to perfect brows every morning and feel confident and beautiful out and about on days when a full armor of eye makeup just isn't practical. If you are tired of being a slave to your eyebrow pencil and you aren't lucky enough to have a professional makeup artist at your beck and call 24/7, we at Stella Bella can help!  With over 30 years of Makeup Artistry under our belt, and certified with the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, Stella Bella can help you create the most naturally enhanced brows whether you just have sparse brows or no brows at all!  

Below are some examples of how we've helped women with all kinds of brow woes get more beautifully shaped brows! All "after" photos taken immediately following procedure