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Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy:
What to expect:
While everyone's skin reacts and heals differently, please plan on a few days of redness.  Our technique differs than many others in that we address lines and wrinkles at the source and stimulate collagen within the valleys and crevices of lines.  The result of this approach is tiny scratches that resemble those of a kitten who has scratched  your skin.  Redness resembling that of a sunburn can also be expected.  An antibacterial salve will be applied to your skin following the procedure and we recommend leaving it on for the first 24 hours. After that, you may wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply makeup. A bismuth free mineral makeup with sunscreen is recommended.
Some light flaking may occur a few days after the procedure.  Normal activities may be resumed within 24 hours provided you are comfortable.  Sweating at the gym may cause some stinging the first couple of days and so you may want to avoid the workout room for a couple of days. Sun should be avoided during the first 24 hours and a sunscreen should be worn daily after that.
With that being said, please do not plan a night on the town, first date or attending an important event the day of your procedure.  Some people leave very red, some not red at all but it would be unwise to plan the procedure around an important life event that includes photos. ;)

Results are significant but slow and can take months to see any real changes.  This does not mean the process did not work for you. It merely means collagen does not grow overnight. Please be patient and trust in the process. This is a scientically based procedure that works on anyone whose skin heals after an injury.  More than one treatment may be necessary depending on the current condition of your skin and what your level of expectations are however, results can be seen with just one treatment.
We often offer additional discounts for subsequent prepaid treatments and packages for clients visiting us via a social media/marketing coupon ie Groupon or Living Social. Please refer to our Policies and Procedures section below for more information regarding follow up treatments..

Policies and Procedures:

Most companies have a no refund policy written into the short form contract which is standard for the industry and, like most companies, we have a no refund policy here at Stella Bella.  While we are known for our beautiful work,  fees are based on services rendered not results. Our policy extends to prepaid services, packages, retail products and all discounted offers.  If you are not certain you can commit to returning for a prepaid service for any reason,  you may want to purchase future services at that time  for the full retail price rather than enjoy the steep savings of a prepaid service you cannot, for whatever reason, use.  Exceptions cannot be made to this policy, however, we do not impose an expiration on our prepaid services and allow for prepaid services to applied to another service(may not be combined with other coupons or discounts) or gifted to someone should you not be able  to use them.

Due to our rapid growth and therefore the increased amount of last minute cancellations, we have had to impose a cancellation fee of 35.00 for no-shows and cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.  These last minute cancellations are often difficult to fill which increases costs on our overhead (salaries for employees not performing booked procedures) and isn't fair to clients who tried to book an earlier appointment but can't make it in on a spur of a moments notice for said cancellations.
You will be asked to enter a credit card number when scheduling, however, your card will not be charged if you keep your appointment and you may reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours in advance.  Please do not call and leave a message to reschedule your appointment.  If you are having challenges doing so online at our scheduling link, please email us at info@mystellabella.com or text Kristin at 623-806-9705.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause  but have unfortunately found it necessary to keep our costs down and our scheduling running smoothly for all of our clients.

The elephant in the room:  To tip or not to tip?
If you feel you received exceptional customer service, leaving a little something for your technician is a wonderful gesture. Permanent makeup requires alot of time and close attention to detail. Our staff is always detail oriented and driven to give you the best experience possible. That being said, tipping is at the sole discretion of the client and is never expected. We are often asked "how much" to tip.  This is a tricky question  difficult to answer.  Please know that any amount you choose to leave your technician is seen as a wonderful gesture and is greatly appreciated and if you simply are not in a position to do so, we understand.
One final note: If you had a great experience with us, please remember a glowing testimony goes a long way! Referring you family and friends to us is one of the best compliments we can receive!

Permanent Cosmetics and Permatint Lip Volumizing Treatment.

Permanent makeup is not always a one shot deal, While  It can be,  plan for color loss and lightening of the area.  Color loss is standard for the industry, per  (Susan Church, world's expert)

Clients must understand the nature of the procedure and have realistic expectations.

You may elect to come back for the service, if there has been pigment loss and if you prefer a richer pigment placement (this is called building color volume). Fees for touchup services are standard in the industry and  Stellla Bella does indeed charge touch up fees on all permanent makeup services. These fees range anywhere from 100.00 to 300.00 depending on the service.  Permatint touchup is 150.00.

Color Loss:

(Typical pigment loss can be from 10- 60 percent.   This does not mean it will happen, but it is a possibility, and no one can actually guarantee anything in the healing process.)

This color loss may be perfect for you, as the procedure has cured into the skin and looks soft/diffused, as extra ink has been rejected by the top layer of skin.   At this time if you are happy, you do not need a touch up.

On the other hand...a tail could be lighter or missing all together, as this could be the side of the face you sleep on.  No one can truly predict a outcome in facial tattooing, guaranteeing the work would be unwise.  A touch up maybe coming if they, the client feels it is necessary, but this is done by personal election to complete their personal service, doing so is a choice and not mandatory.  It is important to realize a touch up is usually 4 to 6 weeks after the initial application, this will help  if there has been color loss in a particular area.

Usually these challenges with pigment loss, infection etc. can leave the client  with the thoughts of “what went wrong?”  The answer is simply, it is the nature of the procedure in all facial tattooing.

Sometimes you can pinpoint the culprit, at other times it not an easy answer, as it could be light colors used (client requested a more natural look, which will heal lighter.)  It can be even be that the client picked at area, or did not apply ointment, or as simple as the classic face plant in the pillow! 

So the answer is………..the x factor.……..X equals unknown.  It’s often hard to predict outcomes of procedures, as the body in the healing process rejects naturally some ink which  is lifted away in the healing process.

What is a "touch-up"

NOTE....a misnomer in the industry, is that a touch up is on another's work, and it maybe be a year or so later.  This is not a true touch up, but a rework.  Reworks are not touch up's. Reworks are considered full price as they require just a much time, ink and products to be used as the initial application.  Sometimes reworks can be more difficult as they need color correction or have poor symmetry that needs to be fixed requiring even more product and time thus touchups and reworks are not discounted. If you have had a previous permanent cosmetic procedure done in the past and purchase a coupon via social media advertising, we will honor the coupon and do the work as an original application, however, corrections or additions such as thickening an eyeliner or brow line to a previous procedure may have additional charges. Please speak to your technician before your appointment if you have areas of correction or change you want done.

Please note, all coupons via the social media advertising/marketting groups do not include touch up fee's in their already steeply discounted prices, please note this as a consumer.  It is very costly for the professional technician to do services, given pigment/anesthesia/needles/supplies/rents etc.   All factor in to costs. 

Touch up fee's are standard for the industry and again should be planned for
(but may not be required), touch up's do not mean the artist did not complete their service, or do a good job, it just means your body needs more ink to perfect your look to what you are personally requesting.  An artist cannot determine the final result until it is actually fully healed, all work at that time should be discussed and agreed on how to proceed, note again touch up fee's and policies.

Some factors to touchup needs, avoiding infection and aftercare do's and don'ts are the following:
For Collagen Rejuvenation:  Risk of infection is extremely low and we have never had a client experience this. Nor is there any known documented cases of infection from this procedure that we have ever found. The tiny channels created close within 6-8 hours thereby reducing risk of infection to practically nothing.  Keep salve on 24 hours, keep face clean, don't allow pets to lick face and don't pick at or touch your face.

For Permanent cosmetics and Permatint Procedures:
Picking the crust off of the procedure area, washing or scrubbing the procedure area, not enough ointment, too much ointment, using products with large chemical list ( more chemicals used, more likely to pull color out!)  Let us not also forget sweating, sun, pool and hot spas, and again the famous face plant in the pillow, dirty pillowcase, etc.!.  Please see your personal aftercare instructions for more details as the consumer and follow those instructions.

This is just to start.  Really the best approach is to just take it easy and follow proper aftercare instructions that all professional technicians should have and dispense after the procedure.  Our short form contract has this written in it several times, as well as our aftercare instructions.  We do not allow for surprises.

Permanent cosmetics and Collagen rejuvenation are amazing and wonderful procedures to simplify one's life and help you look and feel your best.  While usually straightforward and with little risks, we at Stella Bella want all our clients to be informed and educated on our procedures so we can continue building great relationships with the women who entrust us with their beautiful faces. 

Written by: Kristin Provvidenti CPCA;  Pamela Abshear CCPC, CPDA and Susan Church CCPC and CPDA  

Aftercare Instructions and Precautions
As a respected professional and a renowned artist/expert in the industry, I personally want to make sure all my clients have full knowledge and understanding of what to expect and how to treat a post procedure from Stella Bella.

What to expect
  • You should expect to feel sore for at least two to three hours after the procedure, somewhat like a sunburn or chappy.
  • If you had your lips or eyes done, you could expect some puffiness, or light burning, this can last for several days.  Lip color can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to develop as it is a mucousal tissue, the healing can be a bit opaque.  Please be on any medications or supplements if you are prone to herpetic/cold sore break outs.
  • Remember the color is going to be very dark for the first few days until it starts healing. "Don’t worry it  can fade up to 60%", this should be planned.  Color will soften,it is hard to predict how much so.
  • Expect to have some flaking. (keep applying the A&D or vaseline, any other product can pull out color or fade results).
  • Expect your skin to be white around the area where the numbing cream was applied. It will disappear when the numbing wears off, this is called blanching.
  • If you experience itching, this just means it is in the process of healing and might be dry. Please do not scratch it or pull at it! Applying ointment will help relieve the discomfort of tightness.
  • Do not touch area with your fingers, as it could cause a infection.
  • Don not double dip into ointment product as it could contaminate.
  • Apply ointment 3 to five times a day, keep slightly moist, more is not better.
  • No makeup in general area, as it could cause a infection. 
  • Avoid direct contact with animals, sun, soap, steam, jacuzzi, swimming, exercising or excessive heat.
  • Do not rub, as it could take color out.
  • Use sunblock ONLY after totally healed.
  • Touch up visits may need to be scheduled, please see artists touch up polices, we charge extra for touch ups.
  • Touch ups are 4 to 6 weeks after application, any sooner can cause scarring. 
  • Color has to cure and heal in skin for 4 to 6 weeks to determine outcome.
  • All procedures must Heal, Peel, and Fade, this can take up to ten days.
What not to expect
  • You should not expect to having only one service applied for a lifetime or after a initial application, as we cannot fully predict how it may heal.  However one procedure can be enough if the results are desirable.  Permanent makeup can be a process. The foundation is applied and then we build up to the color desired!
  • A common misconception after having a lip procedure performed is that you will always have a wet, glossy look. This procedure is only for adding color to the lips and a tint.  The darker the request, the possibility of the need of more services to build the color volume.
Treatment & Precautions
  • You must keep the area moist at all times until completely healed. Use the A&D ointment provided. This will help keep peeling down to a minimum and maintain your color.
  • Use a Q-tip apply the ointment.
  • Do not use any harsh cleansers or over the counter healing creams, ointments. This may cause irritation and burning and could possibly lead to infection/scarring/color loss.
  • Remember that this is an open wound and should be treated as one, cleaned and cared for.
  • Do not go swimming until completely healed. The bacteria in the water may cause infection or pull color out.
  • Stay out of the sun and tanning booths, this will not only irritate the wound but fade your color tremendously.  UVB, UVA LIGHT wreak havoc on all tattoo's.  To maintain color, please apply sunscreen after the area is healed.
  • If you had a lip procedure done, stay away from spicy/acidic foods and things with salt, {"Burn"}. 
  • Do not use Mascara/ eye makeup or any other product on freshly tattooed eyes due to the bacteria living in your brush or in your products. This also applies to lips. {no lipstick or liner until healed }.
  • Keep your hands away from the area. Don’t scratch, rub, pick, or touch. Your hands and fingernails carry many germs.
  • If you see the area starting to peel, do not help it along. Doing so will pull color out completely and may cause scarring.


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