"The very deep wrinkles on the left side of my face are not as deep anymore. I am amazed!!  This is the best present my girls have ever given me."  

Brenda B. Phoenix, Az

"I would give it two thumbs up if i could!"

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"What a deal! Kristin was great. Very nice and professional. I will be returning again. Thanks"

Living Social Client Review
Kristin is extremely knowledgable about skin care. I trust what treatments she recommends because she is very honest, but will not recommend something you would not need. I LOVE her products as well. She has amazing skincare & make up. I get many compliments.

Living Social Client Review
"I noticed a vast improvement to the crease lines between my eyebrows, the fine lines around my lips were diminished and I noted an overall more youthful and healthy appearance to my face."  

Robin J. Phoenix, Az 

"Everyone will tell you your skin is amazing!"

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Collagen Rejuvenation

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 Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy


Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy is an exciting procedure used to remove wrinkles, large pores, acne scars, and sagging skin.  Hyperpigmentation (brown spots) improve in most cases as well.  

If you've always wanted to do something significant about the appearance of your skin but were reluctant due to the pain, cost, long term healing and downtime associated with conventional laser treatments or deep chemical peels, Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy is for you! Unlike lasers and deep chemical peels, CRT does not ablate the skin, leaving it intact (no peeling) with little social down time- clients can resume normal activities the next day with a little makeup to cover up subsequent pinkness from the procedure.  

Results are significant, measurable and cumulative lasting 5 to 10 years!  The actual protocol consists of applying a topical anesthetic to numb the skin for ensured comfort and then creating microscopic channels within the skin using a microfine needle rotary machine which stimulates collagen fibroblasts to occur in the skin. The process takes approximately 1 hour from start to finish with half of that time dedicated to preparation and anesthetizing the skin.  

Studies have shown results are more consistent with CRT than with IPL(photo facials) or other skin resurfacing treatments. Complete healing occurs within 7 to 10 days.  Collagen remodeling peaks at 90 days and continues forming within the dermis over the next 9 months.

With proper skincare and lifestyle, results can be expected to last many years.
Clinical Study:

Background:  Skin laxity, rhytides, and photoaging are generally treated by ablative procedures that injure or destroy the epidermis and its basement membrane, at least in the beginning, and subsequently lead to fibrosis of the papillary dermis. The ideal treatment would be to preserve the epidermis and promote normal collagen and elastin formation in the dermis. Percutaneous collagen induction takes us closer to this ideal.

Methods:  The authors performed a retrospective analysis of 480 patients in South Africa and Germany with fine wrinkles, lax skin, scarring, and stretch marks treated with percutaneous collagen induction to produce tighter, smoother skin. Most patients had only one treatment, but some have had as many as four treatments.

Results:  On average, patients in Germany rated their improvement between 60 and 80 percent better than before the treatment. Histologic examination was carried out in 20 patients and showed a considerable increase in collagen and elastin deposition at 6 months postoperatively. The epidermis demonstrated 40 percent thickening of stratum spinosum and normal rete ridges at 1 year postoperatively.

Conclusions:   Percutaneous collagen induction was started in 1997 and has proved to be a simple and fast method for safely treating wrinkles and scars. As opposed to ablative laser treatments, the epidermis remains intact and is not damaged. For this reason, the procedure can be repeated safely and is also suited to regions where laser treatments and deep peels cannot be performed. reference:

Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons


Q:  Is anything injected into my skin during the process? 
A:  No, microfine needles graze over the skin creating thousands of tiny pinpricks that the body recognizes as injury and then begins producing collagen to repair that injury.  The collagen you build is your own collagen that your body stimulates through what is known as a "perceived injury".  Your brain doesn't really know the difference between a large open wound in your face and thousands of tiny microscopic ones created by the procedure. The chemical message to the body to repair the area is the same. 

Q:  Is the procedure safe? 
A:  Yes! Because we don't ablate the top layers of skin, risk of infection is minimalized significantly, especially when compared to more invasive procedures like chemical peels and laser resurfacing.  All equipment used on clients such as needles, tubes, etc are prepackaged in sterile packaging and discarded after every client.  Stella bella is certified and trained in bloodborn / pathogen and OSHA trained.  

Q:  What is the recovery time and what will I look like when the procedure is done? A:  Most people experience redness similar to a sunburn that lasts for 2-4 days depending on the individuals skin. Depending on the skin type, some slight flaking may occur as well. 

Q:  Can I wear makeup following my procedure?
A:  Makeup may be worn the day after your procedure but not the day of. This is for your protection.  A mineral foundation with sunscreen is recommended.  All makeup should be avoided directly prior your procedure. This includes any eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and eyeshadow.  Please arrive with a clean face.  
Q:  Is it painful? 
A:  Most people describe the sensation as more of a vibration and find the entire process not only tolerable but comfortable as well.  To ensure patient comfort, we apply a topical numbing creme as well. 

Q: How many treatments will I need?: 
A:  The number of treatments depends on the desired results, however, results will be seen with just one treatment and can last anywhere from 7 to 10 years. 

Q:  What should I avoid prior to my procedure and directly thereafter? 
A:  Retin A and strong Alpha Hydroxy Acids  and other harsh products should be stopped and avoided one week prior to your appointment. Facial waxing should not be done within 4 days of your appointment and any facial fillers such as Juvaderm, Botox, Fat Transfer  Injections and chemical peels should not be done less than 30 days before and 30 days after a Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment. Should you have any questions regarding what to avoid prior to your treatment, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  



     When I heard about Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy I was skeptical about yet another "cure" for wrinkles. But because of a medical condition, I was not a good candidate for Botox or Cosmetic fillers, I decided to give it a try.  I am SO glad I did! The treatment was so simple and painless and I was able to resume my normal activities the very next day.  By day 3 there wasn't a trace of pinkness left. Because you don't peel, I didn't have to worry about being in the sun afterwards-I just used my regular sunscreen SPF 30, a little makeup and I was out the door! Being outside alot, this was an important aspect to my deciding to do this or not because I could not afford to hide at home for weeks to heal like other procedures I looked into such as chemical peels or laser treatments.

    It's now been 9 weeks since my treatment and I have been noticing great results! My skin is much smoother, my large pores have all but disappeared and my "smile" lines and crows feet have softened considerably as promised. My skin continues to look better everyday and even people at work are noticing how youthful my skin is looking! The best part is the results last for years not months!

     Kristin was very professional, uses all brand new sterile materials and opened everything right in front of me which really put my mind at ease as did all her qualifications and credentials. She really listened to my concerns before designing a treatment plan to address my specific needs and made herself available to answer my questions days after the procedure as well. 

     My only complaint is that I wish I'd have known about this treatment sooner-oh the thousands of dollars I could have saved on all those useless wrinkle cremes I have bought over the years.  I would recommend Stella Bella and this treatment to any woman who wants real and natural results with very little healing time.

Christine C.
Stella Bella Beautique