Stella Bella Permanent Cosmetics
Natural Beauty......Permanently.

Our mission statement:

To provide the highest quality Mineral Cosmetics, Botanically based skincare and the highest level of customer satisfaction while respecting the planet and all that inhabit it.

Stella Bella Beautique

At Stella Bella we pride our self on not only the purest ingredients that are used in making our award winning mineral powders and botanically based skincare, but also what we don't use. Stella Bella knows the importance of allowing your skin to maintain itself through the production of the delicate Acid Mantle that it produces to keep moisture in and kill off bacteria that thrive in an alkalyne environment Stella Bella P so all of our skincare products are PH correct at 5.5, the same PH of the skin's Acid Mantle

Our products are cruelty free and we embrace a "green" attitude by offering refills on all of our mineral powders. No endangered species of wood is ever used in the making of any of our cosmetic brushes and all of our ingredients are either beneficial or beneign. This ensures not only a superior product but one that offers a beautiful array of colors ranging from classic to trendy in a soft flawless finish that's designed to last all day.